Portable painting case

As i wrote previously here, made myself a small portable painting case, to store paints and various tools. Sadly after some usage, everything kinda fell apart due to wood glue failing, or the chosen design just not fit for heavy usage. So i had 2 choices: either try to reinforce it with metal parts/bolts, or make a new one. In the end, decided to go the third route: bought one from Frontier Wargaming

Picked 4 racks to store paint bottles (droppers), and 2 boxes for tools/brushes. Also added the portable light and wet palette.

Portable light is kinda neat, but the wet palette sucks. I like the size, i like the lid, just don’t like the sponge they have in it, so probably will just replace it with something of my own.

Also there’s a carrying handle/strap, just in-case i decide to bring it to a local painting event.

Empty shelf will be used for storing painting handles i had previously 3d printed