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First Flames of War game after a long time

Just a small game to remember the basics: 100 pts brits vs 100 pts germans

Recce under fire

Germans retreated due to losing HQ platoon and all Panzer IVs

New Year, New Goals

With new year comes new goals. This year i’m trying to get back to miniature painting and wargaming, so in relation to that, decided to tidy up my paints a bit, since they were scattered among 3 different boxes.

So with this in mind, and couple of plywood sheets in hand, this is the result

Closed View
Inside View
Filled with paint

Some things in hindsight i would do differently, but as a prototype that will serve. Probably will add some kind of locking mechanism for lid and carrying belt/handle on top in the future. Also most likely will add some kind of dividers for paint, since they are too loose, and keep rotating to the sides when pulling them out.

Testing Warmachine MkIV rules

Pabandėm sužaisti 50 pts mūšį su naujomis taisyklėmis. Unit movement is crazy! :O


Totally random stuff